© 2019 Jonas & Benedikt Strehle

We finished developement of Card2Throw with the integration of
In-Skill Purchasing in October 2019.

However, we will continue to maintain the Alexa skill and the Web App.
If you have a question or want to give feedback, please send us an e-mail:



We started to develop the Card2Throw Alexa skill in October 2018.
It took us about 2 months to elaborate an initial idea and develop the skill.
For the Alexa Skills Challenge: In-Skill Purchasing, we added ISP support to the skill, which took us less than a month.

In addition to the Alexa skill we developed the Card2Throw web app and a Node.JS-Server which manages the communication between the Alexa skill and the web app.


We are two young developers from Germany and started developing Card2Throw in our last year of highschool. Prior to this project we had no experience with Alexa skills, which made the whole development more difficult and time-consuming for us, but on the other hand brought us much more fun and surprises.

Jonas Strehle

I am 19 years old and started studying IT after I graduated from highschool in 2019.
I like to develop practical and entertaining applications that are fun for both myself and the users.
I was responsible for the implementation and programming of the frontend of Card2Throw (webinterface interaction and interface design). In addition I was mainly responsible for the design of the static graphics and the shop interface.

Web: jonas.strehles.info
Benedikt Strehle

I am 18 years old. I graduated from highschool in July 2019 and started studying IT afterwards.

I was mainly responsible for the implementation of the Alexa skill and the programming of the backend which controls the Alexa and handles the game logic.
I was also responsible for the creation of the animations.

Web: ben.strehles.info


You can use the Card2Throw skill for free, but in the Card2Throw Shop, you can buy optional in-game packages if you want to support our work.